2012 – 2017 
Ph.D. in Zoology 
University of Melbourne, Department of Zoology  
Dissertation: The temperature and water dynamics of reptiles in changing climates 

2007 – 2011 
B.A (with first class honours) in Biology 
University of Nevada, Reno 
Concentrations: Wildlife Ecology 
Completion of voluntary honours thesis Aug 2010 – May 2011 
Dissertation: Patterns of dinosaur richness in relation to novel and existing extinction hypotheses 

Nominated for 2021 Bayer Researcher of the Year by AUSVEG collaborators 
Selected as one of four Australian Biosecurity Champion for the Australian Biosecurity 2030 Workshop
Awarded best talk of the inaugural 2019 Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative symposium 
Awarded best student talk at the Australia New Zealand Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in 2012 and again 2015 

Full list available on google scholar
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